Slot Overview: Bankin’ On Bacon

You may be familiar with the phrase “making bank,” which refers to the rapid accumulation of a substantial sum of money. What may be less recognizable to those who are not fluent in German is the expression “schwein gehabt,” which translates to “got pig” and means “boy, he got lucky there.” In reality, some people believe that pig-shaped money boxes trace their origins to Germany, where pigs have long been a symbol of wealth and success. Slots with pig, money, and riches themes are ubiquitous, and Blueprint Gaming’s Bankin’ Bacon is the studio’s latest addition to the swine-themed horde.

The setting that Blueprint chose for Bankin’ Bacon is reminiscent of the Royal Mint Megaways from Big Time Gaming. The studio presumably felt obligated to make this one cartoonier to match the piggy bank motif, so it is. The gaming room is located up some steps in a lovely, modern bank with a glass dome overhead. It appears to be a bank where normal people are not welcome to deposit their wages. This is the type of venue where one might conduct business with royalty or extremely wealthy people. The structure may be appreciated by the general public from the outside. When the Banker Spins feature is activated, however, all players are let inside for a free-for-all grab for riches.

There are 4,096 possible outcomes while playing on the 6 reel, 4 row game grid, which pays left to right on neighboring reels. The success rate is unknown, however in testing, you either won because to the collecting mechanism or lost because of the few possible outcomes. Bankin’ Bacon’s notably low RTP of 94% isn’t helping matters. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€100 each spin, and the game has a medium/high volatility preset.

A quick perusal of the pay table reveals there to be 9 different symbols that might result in a payout. The first five are a deck of sparkling 10A royals, followed by a variety of coins, bills, scales, and vintage registers. There seems to be a running theme. Winnings range from 50x to 200x the wager when six premium symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In Bankin’ Bacon, the check symbols can appear anywhere on the board, and they have a dual purpose. When you get six of a type, you can win up to ten times your original wager as a consolation reward. Second, their separate values are tallied when they show up in Banker Spins.

Features of Bacon-Worthy Slot Machines

A collection element during free spins is used, and those who are familiar with the classic slot Fishin’ Frenzy will see the similarities immediately. Banker Spins of 10, 15, 20, or 30 are awarded for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 gold coin scatter symbols. Players may either take their free spins as usual, or they can try their luck with the Mystery Choice. If the latter is the case, a prize wheel will spin to determine the number of spins awarded, if any, and the amount of the cheque for the whole period of Banker Spins. The advantages and disadvantages of using set cheques, in which only one value is allowed to show on the money scatters, are debatable.

When the bank check and piggy bank symbols occur in any position, free spins will begin. When both are in view at the same moment, the pig will collect the checks and add their values to the amount won during the free spins. If many piggy bank wilds land at the same time, they will each take turns picking up the visible checks. Line wins and scatter wins are added together at the conclusion of Banker Spins and paid out at that time.

Bacon-Banking: The Slots’ Final Say

When you realize that Banker Spins are just a rip-off of Fishin’ Frenzy’s, you’ll find that Bankin’ Bacon is somewhat predictable. The jazzy tunes that are common in slot machines and the colorful cartoon images give the base game a lively vibe. This section of Bankin’ Bacon is excellent and adds a buoyant positive mood to the game. After a few rounds, the excitement begins to wane as players are forced to do nothing except sit back and wait for the Banker Spins bonus to activate.

On Bankers Spins, you can try your luck at angling for some cash by spinning the reel. Does anyone outside of the US still write checks? During Banker Spins, you’ll want them to appear frequently; they do; but, the piggy bank wild doesn’t appear nearly as often. Sometimes Banker Spins would walk by without picking up a single check. However, other bonus rounds sucked up cheque scatters like they were going out of style.

Bankin’ Bacon’s Mystery Choice option is one differentiator from Fishin’ Frenzy. This is a gamble, and as you might expect, the results might swing significantly in your favor, depending on your level of luck. Once you get things moving, you should see gains of roughly 2,000x. Bankin’ Bacon is spoiled by its unsatisfactory RTP, which is so low it effectively kills the game. A difficulty level of 94% is extremely challenging, and may be enough to drive players away from this game and into the arms of others with similar themes. In any case, there is no shortage of them in the world.

When you put it all together, you get a game that might have been a serious rival for those who enjoy the scatter collection aspect for which Fishin’ Frenzy is known. However, Bankin’ Bacon ruined the goodwill by poking fun at players with its RTP value.






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